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Grow up without growing old with Adulting is Hard, the first app to help you discover tasks that others took years to learn.

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Task management

Say goodbye to your cluttered to-do list and hello to a sleek, organized task management system with Adulting is Hard. Our app makes it easy to break down tasks into 6 different tags and add priorities to the important stuff. Never miss a deadline again with our schedule feature, you'll be adulting like a boss in no time.

Keep your adulting life in check with our easy filtering and sorting options. No more sifting through a never-ending list of tasks, Adulting is Hard makes it simple to find what you need. Take control of your adulting tasks and live your best life with our app.

Explore Tasks

Feeling lost in the world of adulting? Let Adulting is Hard be your guide with our explore feature. Discover hundreds of tasks that most adults need to do, and learn about adulting tasks you may not have even known existed. You'll be an adulting expert in no time with our task explorer feature.

The Explore feature is like having your own personal adulting coach, right in your pocket. Learn about new adulting tasks and how to tackle them, all while having a little fun. You'll be adulting like a pro and impressing your friends with your new found adulting skills, all thanks to Adulting is Hard.

Easy on the Eyes

Say goodbye to cluttered, outdated designs and hello to a clean, modern spin on task management. Our minimalistic design makes adulting tasks easy on the eyes, and easy on the brain. You'll be adulting in style with our sleek design.

Adulting late at night? No problem, with our dark mode feature. Our app's design is easy on the eyes in any lighting, whether you're adulting in the middle of the night or the middle of the day. With Adulting is Hard, adulting will be a pleasure for your eyes too."

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